Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to extend this invitation for you to join us at the 2014 North Carolina Dental Society Annual Session. This year we celebrate our society’s 158th anniversary. The annual session theme, “Profession Equals Education, Excellence and Ethics” reflects the qualities that I feel are the foundation of the profession of dentistry and the NCDS. The Annual Session Council, led by Drs. Deborah Aten and John Buchanan, has done its best to have this year’s program reflect those qualities. As you look through the scientific programs, concurrent meetings, social activities and sporting events outlined in the booklet you will soon be receiving, I am sure you will agree that this year’s meeting will be second to none.

Since its inception, the North Carolina Dental Society has fought to make sure the citizens of our state received oral health care by members of a profession. I joined the NCDS in 1984 and quickly realized that the decisions made on behalf of the NCDS by its leadership were consistently based on how to best serve the citizens of North Carolina, not how to best serve the NCDS members. The decade to come has the potential to change the way we deliver oral health care in this state, and country, more drastically than ever before. Unfortunately, many of those wanting to change the way oral health care is delivered do not adhere to the principals of education, excellence and ethics. The decisions we make today may very well determine if tomorrow’s citizens of North Carolina are treated by the profession of dentistry or by the business or trade of dentistry. 

To our members that have agreed to serve in the 2014 House of Delegates, I recognize that you are giving up personal time during the annual session to help determine the direction of the NCDS. Thank you for your commitment to the profession of dentistry. To the members of the Board of Trustees, who I had the honor to serve beside since 2009, thank you for your dedication to the principles of education, excellence and ethics when it comes to oral health care in North Carolina. To our Executive Director, Alec Parker, and the staff of the NCDS, I thank you for making my job as president so enjoyable. This great organization could not function without you. Your support for, and loyalty to, the members of this organization is unparalleled.

This year, the NCDS has the honor of having one of its own serving as president of the American Dental Association. Please make sure that you thank Dr. Charles “Chuck” Norman for his tireless efforts on behalf of our members and our profession. His visions for the future of dentistry and his dedication to an organized and relevant tripartite system make us proud that he is a member of the NCDS.

The 2014 Annual Session calendar of events include many familiar activities from the past, some activities that have been brought back because of your feedback, and even a few new activities we hope you will enjoy. The scientific program covers a number of topics that are invaluable to the practice of dentistry today, presented by some of the best clinicians in the country. Numerous concurrent meetings take place throughout the weekend for your convenience and all the ever-popular sporting events are back for you to enjoy. As our Friday evening Beach Party entertainment this year, we bring back The Wallers. We received rave reviews from our members the last time they entertained us. 

On behalf of the 2014 Annual Session Council and the staff of the North Carolina Dental Society, I hope you will join us in Myrtle Beach as we celebrate 158 years of North Carolina’s Dental Profession.

C. Scott Davenport
President, North Carolina Dental Society